finding the right content is just a few clicks away, facilitated by IMZ industry standards


trade your content digitally in one place and seal the deal in a fully secured digital room


protect your intellectual property in a data-secure environment


pitching platform + co-financing supports content creation by the industry – for the industry


Content.Agent simplifies the entire film licence trade.
Get better visibility of your content and more control over all your licence transactions.

Search + find global productions from a large catalogue
Make your entire front + back catalogue visible to buyers worldwide

Content.Agent saves you the time you would otherwise spend on tedious deals.
Less time spent on trying to find a buyer/seller means more time for the important stuff.



Access a large global catalogue 24/7 to acquire the licences of the best films for your audience.

Content.Agent features a powerful search engine +
Find the right content in just a few clicks.

Find the distributor contact in just a few clicks.

High-quality metadata requirements guarantee compatibility between buyers + sellers and more efficient content search.

Co-Financing + Pitching Platform to acquire + invest in the best content production.



Boost visibility of your entire catalogue at a global level.

Store and manage all your films in one place

Reach buyers proactively

Simple data exchange through IMZ Metadata Standard


Content.Agent is an initiative founded by the non-profit organisation IMZ International Music + Media Centre and is based in Vienna. The IMZ is the largest global platform for the cultural film + media industry. With its long history and versatile network of more than 150 international member companies in over 30 countries, the IMZ is a hub and major source of information for the entire industry.


With the IMZ Standards, IMZ Member organisations and other industry players are given a tool to ensure compatibility between market players, strengthen industry cooperation and warrant legal security in transactions with cutting-edge technology.