Content.Agent is a modular application that allows buyers, sellers and distributors to easily search, find, negotiate + acquire film licenses from around the world. Content.Agent protects your intellectual property in a data-secure environment.


+ catalog metadata
+ purchasing lists
+ sales lists


+ film search engine
+ negotiation room
+ deal closing


+ data
+ copyrights
+ license rights


+ co-production
+ pitching platform


I use Content.Agent as

Upgrade your catalog's digital value

Manage + enhance your entire catalog’s metadata, from descriptive data, to promotion material, to version- and excerpt-specific information.

Utilize your asset's full potential

Collaborate with your team and realize your asset’s potential from initial idea to finished production.

Manage your rights

Record and secure your intellectual property in one place and keep a clear overview of your rights’ status.

Promote your highlights

Boost the visibility of your entire catalog on a global level and reach out to buyers proactively.




+ Protection

License Trading
+ Catalog

to be revealed
(Autumn 2024)


Let us know that you're interested by signing up. We will then review your data and get back to you soon. In case you are a producer, distributor or buyer of audiovisual content, you will be invited to a product walkthrough. In that session, we will also evaluate your needs and requirements and discuss the next steps for getting you on board.

Note: The participation in the Content.Agent marketplace will be available for content-trading professionals exclusively. This is why every signup is screened carefully.

Content.Agent will offer the tools to:
- update and manage your catalog's metadata
- publish + promote your content in the marketplace
- search and browse published catalogs and archives
- find the right business partners and negotiate + close deals with them
- protect your rights and licenses

The Content.Agent marketplace is open to most genres and versions of audiovisual content, including:
- documentary, music, drama, series, or fiction,
- full-length movies, series, or snippets,
- archive material or fresh-out-of-the-box productions

Content.Agent's mission is to facilitate the digital transformation of the film industry by providing a state-of-the-art system and the right tools for effective management, distribution and programming of audiovisual content.

Content.Agent was developed in close collaboration with the IMZ Member Organizations, among them producers, distributors and broadcasters of audiovisual content. They will also be the first ones being onboarded to Content.Agent.

You will only need a internet browser. All organizations using Content.Agent receive their own app installed on separate servers. This secures full control over own data and the access to the individual Content.Agent workspace and additionally increases the protection and security of market-participants against marketplace-wide failures and breakdowns.


We thank our Partners and Supporters